Amanda Segel To Write ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Off ‘10,000 Ships’ | TV News


Helstrom producer Amanda Segel will write 10,000 Ships, one of the long-awaited spin-offs of the famous Game Of Thrones series.


It will follow Princess Nymeria and her journey from Essos to Dorne. In R.R.Martin’s great story, this warrior of royal blood is one of the survivors of the Rhoynar people, descendants of the First Men, who were forced to leave Essos and take refuge in Dorne, after being defeated by three united Valyrian families, determined to sack their city of Sarhoy, during the Second Spice War.


This turning point in the Rhoyan wars, which took place about 1000 years before the events of Game Of Thrones, led to a huge exodus of Rhoyan people to Dorne.


If the name Nymeria rings a bell, it’s because in the original series, Arya Stark named her after the warrior queen. Nymeria Sand was also the Sand Asp played by Jessica Henwick.


This project will be one of three spin-offs of the Game Of Thrones series, the first of which will be House Of The Dragon, a preview of which was released earlier this month. Based 300 years before the start of the original series, this spin-off will follow House Targaryen.


No word yet on who is in the cast of 10,000 Ships or when the spin-off will be released.



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