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While Amazon’s tactics for their streaming platform continue to seemingly have no cogent plan – for example, initially saying that they’re going to only focus on a few shows with massive budgets such as The Lord Of The Rings, only to then greenlight a bunch of smaller and cheaper shows – that doesn’t mean they don’t know a good idea when they see it.


The retail conglomerate have purchased a sci-fi action film pitch for their streaming platform from writers Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen. The film is titled Raindrop, and will be a female two-hander focusing on an estranged mother and daughter who are forced to team up to unravel a conspiracy after a time travel mission goes awry. Automatik is producing.


Obviously this is only a pitch right now so the script is not even penned yet, but that sounds like an interesting premise. Halberg and Cohen recently signed on to adapt the novel Horrorscope for Screen Gems, while Cohen also wrote Distant, a film Amblin has in production with Will Speck and Josh Gordon directing.


The duo also penned the Netflix film Extinction, and have also signed on to write a film titled The Wand, also at Amblin. The Cohen-scripted Moonfall starts shooting next week, with Roland Emmerich at the helm. So the duo have been active and busy over the last few years.


It’s hard to say anything about a project that currently only exists as a pitch, but hopefully Raindrop is good, and we’ll see if Amazon sticks to any sort of plan from now on.


Their latest endeavour is Welcome To The Bluhmouse, a set of four movies developed by the genre studio. The Lie and Black Box debuted on Amazon last week.



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