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Despite Amazon spending close to a billion dollars on a Lord Of The Rings prequel series and the amount of discussion it has caused amongst fans, we know very little about the show itself. There are a number of directions the streaming giant could go in terms of story, but it seems they may be looking to focus on a young Aragorn.


According to a tweet posted by, who are often a major source of all things Middle Earth-related, they have confirmed that the first season of the Amazon show will focus on Aragorn in his younger years. The tweet is below, but just to be clear, this has not been confirmed by Amazon.



Aragorn was a popular character in Peter Jackson‘s original trilogy, where he was portrayed by Viggo Mortensen. He’s the heir of Isildur and the rightful king of Gondor, and is about 87 years old, meaning he’s got plenty of backstory to mine. Close relationships with other major characters such as Gandalf and Legolas also make him an obvious choice to be the main protagonist in the series.


However, the tweet above only mentions that Aragorn will be the focus of the first season, implying that future seasons of the show may focus on different characters. The show has already been commissioned for five seasons, so Amazon will need plenty of material if they truly want the show to become their version of Game Of Thrones.


We’ll wait for official confirmation from Amazon, but kicking the series off with a major focus on a immensely popular character would be a smart move.



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