‘American Crime’ Duo To Develop ‘No Place Safe’ | TV News


American Crime creator and producer, John Ridley, is re-teaming with star, Regina King (Enemy Of The State, The Leftovers), to develop a series, titled No Place Safe, for FX. The series is based on Kim Reid‘s memoir of the same name, inspired by her life story.


The Amazon synopsis states: “Thirteen-year-old Kim Reid will never forget the summer of 1979. When she isn’t thinking about boys, makeup, and starting high school in the fall, she’s busy taking care of her little sister while her single mom works as a cop. By midsummer, the discovery of two murdered teens along a quiet Atlanta road changes everything”.


The period between 1979 and 1981 is infamous in Atlanta, where 29 people, mostly young black boys, were killed by a serial killer. Reid’s mother, an investigator in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, was heavily involved in the case.


While film-to-TV adaptations are all the rage right now, something that will never go out of style are true story adaptations (which are also enjoying a very high level of fascination right now). No Place Safe has been described as part-mystery thriller, part-civil rights history, and part-coming of age story, which is an extremely intriguing combination.


With Wendy Calhoun (Nashville, Empire) adapting Reid’s book, and two-time Emmy winner King set to star, this has the potential to be riveting television.



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