Amy Schumer’s Mother/Daughter Kidnapping Caper Given 2017 Release Date | Film News



Amy Schumer is riding pretty darn high right now. With the commercial and critical success of her first film, Judd Apatow directed Trainwreck, in the bank alongside wide recognition for her frankly hilarious TV show, Inside Amy Schumer; the American comedian has springboarded into a host of new projects. It has been reported she is scripting a new comedy with her new best friend Jennifer Lawrence, and now Schumer’s mother/daughter comedy, directed by 50/50‘s Jonathon Levine, has been given a May 2017 release date by 20th Century Fox.


The project is written by Katie Dippold, who wrote the script for Paul Feig‘s 2013 action comedy The Heat. The film is based upon Dippold’s relationship with her own mother, and will centre on the kidnapping of a mother and daughter who already have their issues. Feig is set to return as producer. Amy Schumer is set to take the daughter role, with Meryl Streep rumoured as the mother character. The yet untitled project is set for release on May 12, 2017.



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