Anne Hathaway To Star In Doug Liman’s Pandemic-Centric Heist/Romcom ‘Lockdown’ | Film News


Doug Liman is a director who has helmed films such as Edge Of Tomorrow, essentially a hugely-budgeted sci-fi blockbuster version of Groundhog Day, and is currently preparing to send Tom Cruise to literal space in another movie.


Yet his next project won’t be anything like that at all, and instead of introducing us to incredible sci-fi worlds, he’s instead going to show us something eerily familiar.


The project is a pandemic-centric heist/romcom – a great combo – titled Lockdown that will star Anne Hathaway. The film will only cost around $10 million and will take place and film during the coronavirus lockdown.


There aren’t any other plot details, but we so know that the film will be written by Stephen Knight, who wrote and directed another recent Hathaway film, the bizarre and everyone-pretty-much-agreed mostly terrible Serenity. That will was at least very memorable, but hopefully Lockdown is a memorable in a lot more positive ways.


It will be interesting to see a heist film performed on such a low budget, and also to see a filmmaker like Liman and a big star like Hathaway adapt to making a film in such a unique way. This will likely be the first really big lockdown-centric film, so it will be fascinating to see how it handles our new reality.



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