First Trailer For Body-Swapping Serial Killer Horror ‘Freaky’ Arrives | Film Trailer


Blumhouse has released the first trailer for their new horror-comedy Freaky. Originally titled Freaky Friday The 13th before someone in legal got bombarded with emails, the film revolves around Kathryn Newton‘s high school student who wakes up in the body of Vince Vaughn‘s middle-aged serial killer.


Naturally, Vaughn’s character promptly uses his new innocent teenage girl image to go on a murderous rampage, while Newton has less than 24 hours to change everything back before the change becomes permanent.



Frankly, and I’m not sure I can put this in a more writerly way, this looks fun as hell. The trailer itself already has two genuine laugh out loud moments and this premise looks like a perfect one for some spooky fun. No surprise that the film comes from Christopher Landon, who directed both Happy Death Day movies, which are also fun as hell.


Michael Kennedy co-wrote the script alongside Landon, and the film will be produced by Jason Blum and Adam Hendricks (Black Christmas).


Appropriately, Freaky will hit cinemas on Friday, November 13th. Inappropriately, that’s a few weeks after Halloween, but I guess they needed that date! Either way, this looks like it could be providing October scares and laughs for years.



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