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It’s not often you get a franchise so successful that it spawns two spinoffs, but I guess if you make close to $900 million globally from three films that cost approximately $66 million combined, you want to take advantage of that.


Following both Conjuring films and its first spin off, Annabelle (which is also getting a sequel), the other spinoff has been titled The Nun, which will focus on the titular character that haunted Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring 2.


Director Corin Hardy is now scheduled to helm the project. He was last seen directing 2015’s The Hallow and has long been connected with a remake of The Crow. The film will be written by Conjuring director, James Wan, alongside Gary Dauberman, who is also currently working on the new adaptation of Stephen King‘s It.


Does this sound like overkill for the franchise? Possibly. Nothing kills an audiences appetite for content like too much of it. Then again, horror franchises have always been able to make good profits on small budgets, and surprise surprise, studios love money. There’s a reason Saw is coming back after seemingly dying not too long ago.


We’ll have to wait a while to see whether The Nun will be any good. Hopefully it’ll be closer to The Omen than The Devil Inside.


Until then, the other spinoff rolls on, with Annabelle 2 releasing on Friday, August 11.



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