Anya Taylor-Joy To Reteam With ‘The Witch’ Director For ‘Nosferatu’ Remake | Film News


Anya Taylor-Joy, having recently made her mark on Hollywood with starring roles in The Witch and Split, is in talks to re-team with The Witch director Robert Eggers to star in a remake of Nosferatu. Eggers is already signed on to write and direct the remake of the classic 1922 silent horror film, an unauthorised adaptation of Dracula.


The original film was directed by F.W. Murnau and starred Max Schreck as Count Orlok, a vampire from Transylvania trying to buy a house in Germany where he becomes enamoured with the real estate agent’s wife. The film was first remade by Werner Herzog in 1979 as Nosferatu The Vampire, before 2000’s Shadow Of The Vampire gave a dark yet fictional look at the process behind the original film.


Should Taylor-Joy sign on, this is exciting news for horror film fans, as she and Eggers gave us arguably the sleeper horror of the year in 2016’s The Witch, replacing cheap jump scares and typical tropes with overbearing tension and pure weirdness. Remember Black Phillip?


Thus there’s probably no better horror team than this duo to take a stab at remaking Nosferatu. The original film has its iconic moments but its 1920s release date means filmic language was in its nascent days and horror cinema was relatively new. Yet considering the film was silent, and Eggers’ film employed plenty of quiet moments to great effect, this could be a perfect match.


Taylor-Joy is currently filming X-Men: The New Mutants and she also has the Split/Unbreakable sequel on the way as well, but it’s very likely she’ll sign on with the director that helped launch her towards these great roles for another potentially great one. No news regarding who will play Count Orlok yet.



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