Joel McHale In Talks To Star In ‘Quantum And Woody’ | TV News


Joel McHale (Community) is in talks to star in Quantum And Woody, the upcoming superhero adventure series to be based off the characters from the Valiant Comics Universe. Spearheading the project are the Russo Brothers (Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War) who will bring their Marvel fame to what is set to be a superhero comedy series.


McHale is set to play Woody Henderson, “a wisecracking, womanising slacker, who along with his strait-laced adoptive brother, is granted unpredictable superpowers from a pair of energy control bands they find while investigating their father’s death. The two are now stuck with each other — they must ‘klang’ the bands together every 24 hours or their powers will kill them”.


Should McHale sign on, it would be a re-team with the Russos, who are set to executive produce, who he previously collaborated with on many episodes of Community. Dinesh Shamdasani of Valiant and Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari (Ant-Man & The Wasp) are set to write the script.


Should McHale sign on, the hunt will continue for who will play opposite him as Quantum. Either way, this is another step towards TV fully embracing pure comic book adaptations, as things don’t get more comic book-y than Quantum And Woody. Alongside this show, other Valiant adaptations are also in the works, such as Bloodshot, which Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for.


The profitable comic book train rolls on.



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