Apple Music Hits 13 Million Subscribers Worldwide | Music News



Technology giant, Apple hasn’t had the best of weeks with their company sales falling for the first time since 2003. This was mainly down to iPhone sales not hitting the mark for quite sometime and the industry as a whole facing decline. CEO Tim Cook, however, did have some good news today as there streaming service, Apple Music, has gained 2 million subscribers since February and now has 13 million users.


Apple’s service have been cited as key areas for the company to grow and compensate for the slowing in demand for there products. Apple Music has only been available for 10 months and has continued to match the growth of market leader, Spotify. The service has benefited from exclusive content and has strong integration with iTunes.


Despite this, many believe that the service should have grown at a quicker rate given the sheer amount of Apple product users, that use there products everyday. It is rumoured also that the service will receive an update in June to coincide with Apple’s WWDC annual event. There is a focus by all streaming companies to make sure downloading music is something that can last long into the future.



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