Apple Renames Beats 1 As Apple Music 1 And Launches Two New Radio Stations | Music News


Apple Music, now streamed in 167 countries with more than 50 million global subscribers, has came up with a new idea for its radio service! Beats 1, its global radio station, will be rebranded as Apple Music 1 going forward.


Based in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and London, the renamed radio station will continue to be led by Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden, as well as Dotty, Hanuman Welch, Matt Wilkinson, Brooke Reese, Nadeska, Rebecca Judd and Travis Mills. Furthermore, it will continue to stream a great number of radio shows helmed by famous artists.


Together with the rebrand of Beats 1, Apple Music will launch two more radio stations: one to celebrate the great hits from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s called Apple Music Hits and the other one is called Apple Music Country and it’s entirely dedicated to country music.


The new Apple Music radio revamp will feature also some shows that are entirely focused on the celebration of Latin music around the world, including ‘¡Dale Play! with Sandra Peña’, a new show from J Balvin, while continuing to develop its ‘Africa Now Radio’ with DJ Cuppy, which is aimed at promoting African music and artists.


Apple Music’s global creative director and host Zane Lowe said about the rebranding and introduction of additional radio stations, “Apple Music is home to artists, it’s home to fans, and it’s home to incredible music”.



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