Apple To Release Original TV Content On iTunes? | TV News

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Apple To Release Original TV Content On iTunes? | TV News


The ascendant market of streaming has been dominated by companies like Netflix and Amazon for the past decade. Part of their enormous appeal is that as well as being able to stream your favourite shows and movies via their site, you can also watch their own original content; and some shows, such as Orange is the New BlackThe Man In The High Castle and Narcos, are actually better than most shows on TV.


It is a continually expanding market that is seeing new competitors come on the scene frequently, and now it has been reported that Apple could be venturing into the market by producing original content for iTunes. The rumour comes from The Street and although there are no deals in place that we know of, the mega-corporation may have something to announce besides the latest iPhone this year.


This is not the first we have heard of Apple wanting to expand their influence over technology and media as there have also been reports that Apple want to buy HBO’s parent company Time Warner. Such a move would see them become huge players in the TV market, but would it be enough to break the monopoly Netflix and Amazon seem to have on the market? Previous companies have tried and failed, but in Apple, they will find very dangerous opposition.



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