‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 10 – Palace Intrigue: Part 1 | TV Review


I hope you like the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club because there’s a sizeable chunk of this episode devoted to it. Don’t get me wrong I am aware of the 1980’s, it’s just that I hold no particular love for the time period. I can totally relate to Malory in this scene, who sits there looking perplexed as the rest of the cast discuss what character they would be. They might have well been talking in made-up words for all the sense it made to me. In my opinion if she wasn’t there, with a drink in hand as always, I might have been tempted to skip the scene entirely. So it was fortunate that she was there, wasn’t it?


The highlight of this episode comes in the form of a painting, and as an apprentice of the written word, I shall take it on to myself as a point of pride to project the picture into your minds eye. Imagine the opposite of the colour black. Now imagine a rectangle of that colour. There, you see it do you not? I hope you’re imagining a white rectangle right now, because that’s what it is. It’s a parody of the “anti-art” paintings such as Ad Reinhardt’s ‘Blue’ that go for obscene amounts of money. It seems that sometimes the artist’s signature is more valuable than the art itself. This was one of the stronger episodes, apart from that one fart joke that I didn’t much care for, and if you’re over the age of 30, it might be your favourite. Archer is available on Netflix.



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