‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 9 – On The Carpet | TV Review


Genius. Hyperbole? Yes but without merit, as in this episode, there is a joke of such stature that all who make it their living should just give up now. As in “Le Roman du Châtelain de Coucilet et la Dame de Fayel” where a woman, after eating her lover’s heart, refuses to eat anything after that – after this one can refuse to laugh at anything else. Nothing else will be funny again. The joke? A man named Slater is voiced by none of than the star of the “best” film of 1989, The Wizard. His name? Christian Slater, a name you’ve heard of but can’t remember what you’ve seen him in.


It wasn’t the highlight of the episode for me though, surprising as that is, that honour goes to Krieger (Lucky Yates) and his antics. He builds a “narco-sub”, a submarine that smuggle drugs without being detected. Seems ideal but as with anything he does, there is something wrong with it, and there is something wrong with it or rather with where it is. He built it inside the indoor swimming pool; much like a ship in a bottle, there is no way to remove it. So he blows it up, quoting the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes as he laments. This, for me, is the best episode of the season so far. The jokes actually work in this one. Archer is available on Netflix.



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