‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 7 – Smugglers’ Blues | TV Review


In this episode of Archer, Malory (Jessica Walter) notices that there are several hundred pounds of cocaine missing from the pile. She of course blames Pam (Amber Nash), the cocaine addict, for the act, but in actuality, it was Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Cyril (Chris Parnell), and Ray (Adam Reed) who did. And so they fly to Colombia in order to find a buyer. It’s sort of like selling water to the mythical people of Atlantis in that respect.


This episode, to a lesser extent, suffers from the same problem that the previous episode had: there are not a lot of jokes that work and there’s just too much plot to give the time for an adequate set-up and pay-off. This was mostly a passive watch for me: I was watching the moving pictures and sounds but I wasn’t engaged by them.


The only highlight of the episode I can think of is Archer’s voicemail prank, a running gag in the show, where it sounds like Ray and Archer are fighting at the wheel before it cuts off. What I found amusing was the sheer lengths Archer went to in order to pull off this prank, and all for his own sole amusement. No one else finds them that funny. Cheryl/Carol wasn’t in this episode much; maybe that’s why this episode feel a little flat? Archer is available on Netflix.



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