‘Archer’ Series 5, Episode 5 – Southbound And Down | TV Review


It’s very easy to disprove a hypothesis isn’t it? Such as my assertion that Malory (Jessica Walter) always has a drink in her hand? Well I’ve been made a fool: she had nothing in her hand on at least two separate occasions. It doesn’t really matter though; it wasn’t a good joke to begin with (mine, not theirs).


This is certainly one of the weaker episodes I’ve watched so far, even going back to the previous seasons. Only one joke made me laugh out loud, almost enough to redeem the episode, and that was when Krieger (Lucky Yates) in his underpants makes Ray (Adam Reed) goosestep while Wager’s (a composer) “Ride of the Valkyries” plays in the background. These two lines of dialogue make the episode worth watching in my opinion. Ray: “This stopped being funny two hours ago!” / Krieger: “It’s not supposed to be funny”. That is comedy bottled at the source right there


The rest of the episode however, is just dull. Pam is sleeping around again. They managed to slip in a fart joke in there as well. It just leaves no impression on you; if I hadn’t made notes, I swear I would have forgotten what this episode was about. Archer is now available on Netflix.



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