Areej Returns With New ‘Bloodshed’ Single And Music Video

British newcomer Areej is back with her new track “Bloodshed“, the second taste of her forthcoming debut EP titled Guided By Our Fears, which is set to be released next year. Her new track “Bloodshed” is a decisive blend of raw soul and jazz influences, which delivers a full-bodied listening experience for the listener.

The track is subtle and yet powerful, along with its black-and-white music video. Both take the listener on a journey through pain as Areej puts it, but with dreams of escaping. She adds that her voice was quite hoarse and raw when she recorded the song because her heart was heavy and her mind preoccupied.

Her voice is met with warm and intricate saxophone riffs as she she sings, “blood don’t shed from the leaves / it just sheds from the feeling“. Areej goes on to say, about the song, “there are more aching hearts than made visible to the naked eye. We often walk through life with a mask on because being our most honest and vulnerable self can be quite frightening, hence why we should always remember to treat people with love and kindness“.

Areej first came onto the scene with the single “Guided”, and has so far been getting support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Hypebeast, The Independent, Crack Magazine and Wonderland. With her second single “Bloodshed”, she is setting the stage for her upcoming debut EP Guided By Our Fears aka G.B.O.F to arrive early next year.

The project is said to see Areej in a confronting and dark place, as she walks hand-in-hand with her demons offering resolution and glimmers of warmth, while also documenting her fight for independence in real time with songs about love, loss and longing.

Watch the video for “Bloodshed” below:


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