Arrows Release Third Single ‘To Your World’ Featuring Raghav Meattle

Mumbai-based independent music project Arrows, created by musician and music journalist David Britto, has released “To Your World”. The song features Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle on the vocals.

This is the third single from this music project and it’s the ultimate feel-good single that gives you a warm summer feeling inspired by moving away from a relationship but being constantly brought back into situations surrounding it. This tune is a way of helping people understand that there’s more to life other than relationships.

If you haven’t heard of Arrows yet, this is the thing about it: David Britto is the mastermind behind it and he invites guest vocalists to feature on his songs. The project Arrows started in 2018 but the first track was only released in 2019 with singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha titled “Spaces”. The following track is called “Buried To Dust” and was released in 2021 with vocalist Siddharth Basrur.

When asked about this new song “To Your World”, David Britto said, “Through the verses of ‘To Your World’ I talk about wanting to shut the past down, while the chorus is me telling myself that there are more possibilities and new adventures to be had with life”.

To create this track he worked together with Mumbai producer Yohanan D’Souza, wanting to create a “jam band” feel. “To Your World” emits an uplifting aura with warm tones of blues and a rocky essence to the production. The drums and the guitar give it a rock vibe while the piano gives us a blues feel. Joined with layered harmonies and soulful vocals, this is the perfect summertime track, destined to bring a smile to your face.

Listen to “To Your World” here:


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