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A DIY crew of 6 twenty-somethings hailing from Copenhagen, Artifact Collective have honed in on their style of languid, nostalgia-washed R&B. Authentically them from the writing, producing, designing and everything in between, they have picked up a number of exciting co-signs abroad already. Cementing their burgeoning reputations, the crew release their latest, slow-burning, pensive heater, “Light Blue“. 


Their songwriting inspiration is influenced by being young in a capital city – complex, pensive lyrics drawing inspiration from troubled relationships, daydreaming, the television series Twin Peaks and various YouTube memes. The track is quirky yet heartfelt and ultimately beautifully crafted.


“’Light Blue‘ is about the cynicism between two people who ignore their relationship problems and don’t talk about things – building up inner frustration rather than resolving the issues in the first place. It’s the feeling of being a supporting actor in a film that was meant to be about your own life.”



With so much talent coming from the northern side of Europe at the moment, Artifact Collective look set to add their names to an ever-expanding roster of exciting talent.



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