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Beyoncé put the icing on the cake at Coachella on its second and final weekend with a performance full of special collaborations and amazing looks signed by Balmain.


Only a queen and a diva like Beyoncé can lead a ceremony closing performance like the one that took place yesterday evening. It was a performance that was truly unforgettable in Indio, California in which Queen Bey joined forces with her sister Solange Knowles, her ex-bandmates Destiny’s Child, and her husband, Jay-Z.



Again Rousteing transformed Beyoncé into an Egyptian queen with a look that reminds us of the great Nefertiti. The cape that was hanging by its shoulders was stealing the show again with its intricate jewels in the back.


Returning to old habits, the tandem queen-designer opted again for the shorts + sweatshirt look, only changing the yellow one of last week into a new pink one.



For the second look, much inspired by the influence of the 2000s, she wore a jewel T-shirt working as a mini-dress as the central piece of her look. It was covered by fuchsia sequins and a central decorative motif in the shape of a shield.


‘Beychella’ was still providing more surprises, which came when Beyoncé, dressed in a long-sleeves jewel body with diamond texture, brought out special guests – her sister Solange Knowles, and ex-bandmates Destiny’s Child onto the stage.







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