Ashley Graham Creates Swimwear Campaign Without Photoshop | Fashion News


Ashley Graham keeps breaking rules and stereotypes with her swimwear brand Swimsuits For All. The swimwear brand led by the supermodel is characterized by their groundbreaking, funny and inclusive campaigns, what is not common in big signature’s ones.


The latest one was led by the model herself as the face of the brand and is formed of some pictures taken by paparazzi and totally photoshop-free. The result, one more time, is amazing.


“When we started the campaign in Miami, paparazzi began following us and taking pictures” explains Graham to “Seeing their pictures suggested us an idea. Why not using their pictures as the ones for the campaign? Those non-altered pictures could remind women that they are perfect exactly as they are and that they already have the perfect beach body!”


The collection is inspired by the Art Deco style from the 20s with 9 items suitable for all tastes, sizes and shapes that the last trends include. The new swimwear collection by Ashley Graham is already available in and their prices sit around $100.







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