British Singer Liv Dawson Releases New Track ‘Don’t Let Me Lose You’

Don’t Let Me Lose You” is the moving new single from British singer and songwriter Liv Dawson.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Liv Dawson says, “There was a period where I was losing a lot of things: keys, passport, the whole lot. I was moving out of my old place too, which was loss in a different way. So I thought, why not write a song about the one thing I couldn’t bear to lose?

“Don’t Let Me Lose You” is the first track from Liv Dawson’s new partnership with independent label Sweat Entertainment, after taking her career firmly in her own hands by releasing her biggest single since her debut “Pushing 21” independently via her own own label.

Her new independent music comes following an upheaval of the past two years, which came with the global pandemic, a split from her label and previous manager. However, as Liv put it, something clicked for her after these splits and she was able to hone in on her true sound, which is being described as “a sophisticated, heartfelt mix of R&B, electronic and pop“.

Explaining this transition to being an independent artist, Liv Dawson says, “I guess I realised I didn’t need my hand to be held any more. My new music is definitely the most confident I’ve felt and I’m really proud of it. This is the sound of me getting back up, I’m back on track, and it feels good. I feel more driven than ever before, I so proud to prove I can do this on my own”.

Listen to the “Don’t Let Me Lose You” below:


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