Azealia Banks Claims Tyler, The Creator’s UK Ban Is Racist | Music News

Azealia Banks


Recently, the UK banned Tyler, The creator from entering the nation for a 3-5 year period, due to lyrics from the past that had the potential to incite violence, despite the rapper having been in the country only a couple of months ago.


On 27 August, a few days after the ruling, Azealia Banks had her say on Twitter. Banks wondered why Eminem, for example, hadn’t received a ban as he also had (and still has) lyrics which encouraged harm against women. She then answered her own question by tweeting: “Oh yeah that’s right… Eminem is white so he gets the courtesy of being forgiven in the public eye”. She also said that, “Society just needs to be consistent with its outrage”.


According to the Home Office, Tyler’s presence in the UK is “not conducive to the public good”, but it is down to the Home Secretary to consider what fits that bill and what doesn’t. This is not the first time that Banks has discussed racism in the media, and I’m confident that it won’t be the last.



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