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Have you ever heard of agro-soul? Looks like this four-piece BARQ couldn’t fit into a certain genre definition and invented their own. Indeed, their music influences come from everywhere, including aggressive rock and soul.


The Dublin band returns with a double A-side release – two powerful singles. “Sassy Mouth” is inspired by the Repeal the Eighth movement, which fights to fix the Irish Constitution – remove the eighth amendment and legalize abortion.


This is my anatomy/We make reality/This is our ability/We make no apologies,” sings front-woman Jess Kav with her soulful but tenacious and encouraging vocals.


The second track “Earthquakes” is a little softer and more melodic. It talks about the need to move on after a breakup so the “earthquakes will end“. The track is more delicate, but Jess Kav’s voice is still strong and strict:


I don’t have time for compensation/I don’t have time for your hallucination…/I don’t have time for your constant bullshit.


Listen to the genre-melding new music from BARQ:




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