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After making her debut in last month’s DC crossover episodes on American network The CW, which combined Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow into one star-studded team-up, Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman is set to stride out on her own. The channel has given a pilot order to a Batwoman-centric show.


The pilot will be overseen by Greg Berlanti – one of the heads of the DC TV universe – and the episode itself will be penned by Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries). David Nutter – one of television’s most sought-after pilot-helmers, having directed pilot episodes to shows such as Smallville, Supernatural, and The Mentalist – is set to direct.


The latest iteration of Batwoman – or Kate Kane to those that know her true identity – is described as an out lesbian and highly trained fighter with no trouble speaking her mind. As mayhem overruns Gotham, she is pressed into service, although she must “overcome her own demons” before she can save the city.


The crossover episodes with other CW characters was designed to be a trial run for the Batwoman character, and she looks to have passed with flying colours. Although the character first appeared in DC Comics in 1956, she has rarely been adapted into other mediums, so this is a great opportunity to introduce a new audience to a character not traditionally as well known as her male counterpart.


With Netflix cancelling its Marvel TV universe, The CW is now the go-to network for ongoing stories revolving around superheroes that aren’t (yet) on the silver screen. Despite the mountains of superhero content around nowadays, the channel seems to have found a niche by focusing on heroes that aren’t always given the kind of attention they deserve.


We’ll wait on more news as to when the Batwoman pilot will air.



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