BBC Releases Trailer For Upcoming ‘Les Miserables’ Series Starring Lily Collins | TV Trailer


Following Les Miserables’ Film success back in 2012, the BBC have released a new trailer for an upcoming drama series of the same name, starring Lily Collins. The drama will broadcast in 2019.


In some aspects, the “Epic 6 part drama” is drastically different to the film we know, due to the lack of continuous singing, though for some this might actually be a relief. Nevertheless, scenes in the trailer appear to mirror a similar theme and colouring to the original film, and the BBC may find difficulties in differentiating the two productions because of it.



However, with the success of the musical, there is no doubt that the drama will excel, and the melancholic mood that many other BBC dramas bring us, such as The Woman In White and Downton Abbey, will certainly play well with the theme of the story.


Originally a French historical novel, written by author Victor Hugo and published in 1862, there have been many adaptations over the years, including theatre productions and big screen productions, but this will be the first big screen series, so to speak.


Watch the trailer below to see Lily Collins, Olivia Colman (Peep Show), and David Oyelowo star in Les Miserables.




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