Belgian Duo Blackwave Return With New Single ‘Recluse’ | Music News


Belgian duo Blackwave are back with their new single “Recluse”. A single that mixes R&B, jazz and 1970s soul and takes us on a journey through various eras.


Jay Atohoun and Willem Ardui spent two years working on the creative process for this track. It encompasses many topics such as love, isolation, loss, the search for understanding and the feeling of isolation, which proved to be heightened during the pandemic.


The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Michiel Venmans and Jaan Stevens. The video leaves room for interpretation. It also captures everything that is described in the song, including the feeling of isolation and the uncertainty of the future.


The two boys met at a concert in Belgium and have been together ever since. They are behind “Mic Check”, their first project which was released in 2017 and which turned out to be one of their biggest hits.


The mix of their talent, due to their different musical backgrounds, has come together perfectly. They navigate between hip-hop, pop, jazz, soul, funk but also various periods that they bring up to date with their own touch and that is also what makes their success.


You can listen and watch the “Recluse” video just below.




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