Belgium Singer Matteo Terzi Unveils Second Single ‘Incredible’ | Music News


Belgium artist Matteo Terzi has just released his brand-new single “Incredible“, an acoustic emotive guitar song. This is the second single released by the singer, after “Between Us” in 2019.


Thanks to an infectious pop production, the song develops an intimate and emotive atmosphere. Matteo’s smooth voice effortlessly enhances the warmth of the guitar plucks and of his great storytelling.


The song was written by the singer-songwriter to celebrate the beauty of the world around us and luck we have at any time.


Matteo Terzi is an Italian singer based in Belgium, who was the runner-up at The Voice Belgium 2019. He has performed openings for Tom Odell and Bastian Baker with his band, and in the last ten years he has been touring in Europe.


Talking about the track, Matteo Terzi explains: “Incredible” is about the wonder that surrounds us every day, the eyes of the person we love, the sunlight on the leaves in the morning, the calm sea after a storm. Being able to see the beauty in the world, regardless of our mood, is something that can save us from oblivion, at any moment of our life”.


This really promising single announces the singer’s upcoming five-track EP Shadows and Lights, due to be released on October 16.


Go check out the song right now:




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