Ben Affleck Co-Writing Stand-Alone ‘Batman’ Film With DC’s Geoff Johns | Film News

Affleck would co-write, direct and star in the next solo Batman movie.


According to Deadline, Ben Affleck has begun co-writing a stand-alone Batman film with DC Comics’ chief creative officer Geoff Johns for the current Caped Crusader to direct – Johns has written some of the company’s fan favourite comic book series and worked on various TV adaptions and incarnations of its characters. This has been an indecisive story that has been circulating the rumour mill for a while now, but it now appears that Warner Bros. and DC are prepared to get serious and start the concrete creation process.


Reportedly, Affleck and Johns clicked when drawing up ideas on the potential stand-alone film and have already started work on the script. The actor and director is heading off to direct Dennis Lehane’s adaption Live by Night in November, he then returns to superhero duty with the Justice League films, before eventually making a start on the film that examines how Batman has been affected by his interaction with the league’s members.


Although the likely slot for the potential return of the reoccurring Batman is 2019, if these reports are true, it is expected that the Warner Bros. panel for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will confirm validity and dates at Comic-Con tomorrow (July 11).



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