Ben Affleck & Gavin O’Connor To Re-Team For ‘The Has-Been’ | Film News


Ben Affleck and director Gavin O’Connor, having worked together on thriller The Accountant, are looking to collaborate once more. Warner Bros. is reportedly trying to close a deal on a spec script by Brad Ingelsby titled The Has-Been.


O’Connor would helm the film with Affleck starring as a former basketball all-star who “has lost his wife and family foundation in a struggle with addiction. He attempts to regain his soul and salvation by becoming the coach of a disparate ethnically mixed high school basketball team at his alma mater”.


The synopsis sounds like one of those corny family movies from the 90s, but O’Connor and Affleck’s last collaboration was also an odd throwback to thrillers of a bygone era, so maybe they’re feeling nostalgic for a previous incarnation of Hollywood. An Accountant sequel has been planned with the two expected to return.


Affleck will produce The Has-Been alongside Jennifer Todd, Mark Ciardi and Gordon Grey, with O’Connor and Ingelsby expected to produce as well. The actor is currently starring in J.C. Chandor‘s Triple Frontier, while O’Connor is attached to direct Suicide Squad 2. It will be a race to see which movie he makes first: the lame family drama or the sequel to a terrible superhero movie.



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