Ben Affleck In Talks To Return For Sequel To ‘The Accountant’ | Film News


While Ben Affleck‘s major current projects revolve around him in the Batsuit – he’s currently filming Justice League reshoots – he’s now in talks for a slightly surprising project. Last year’s The Accountant was solid if unspectacular, and seemed destined for re-runs on late night TV in its future, but Affleck is now reportedly in talks to star in a sequel.


The deals on the table also include returns for director Gavin O’Connor and screenwriter Bill Dubuque, and if and when the deals for all three men are complete, they’ll move ahead with solidifying the story for the sequel.


The first film saw Affleck play an autistic accountant who leads a double life as a hitman for hire, starring alongside Anna Kendrick and Jon Bernthal. The film made around $155 million worldwide, which isn’t a number that screams sequel so it’s a curious decision by Warner Bros. As is the case nowadays, perhaps the slightest possibility of a dependable franchise has got them licking their lips.


There’s still the issue of fitting the sequel into Affleck’s schedule if the deals are signed. After Justice League wraps, Affleck is signed on for Matt ReevesThe Batman, which currently doesn’t have a release date, nor a start of production date, but is naturally going to be a pretty big deal.


However, Reeves is currently in the midst of releasing War Of The Planet Of The Apes, with development on The Batman not having yet begun. Which could allow Affleck to film The Accountant 2 while The Batman pre-production is put in order. Who knows? The Batman has already had a tough life, and perhaps Affleck’s sense of unknown with the project set him on the path of an Accountant sequel.



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