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There’s been a lot of back-and-forth talk on whether Ben Affleck will remain as Batman in Matt Reeves‘ (War For The Planet Of The Apes) The Batman, but it’s now looking unlikely. A THR writeup explains that Reeves’ latest script skews towards a younger Batman, at least in the first act. Not only that, but Warner Bros. is in a state of flux when it comes to DC, and Affleck also has a very busy shooting schedule.


There’s no official confirmation yet, but if Reeves’ script does indeed focus heavily on a younger caped crusader, that would almost certainly mean the end of Affleck behind the cowl. From DC’s point of view, after some rough years critically and at the box office, it would make sense to wipe the slate clean and sort of start anew with a brand new Batman.


For Affleck, it’s a shame because he turned out to be a pretty good Batman, especially after fans initially met the announcement of him taking on the role with little more than a shrug. He played a more bruising, less suave version of Batman/Bruce Wayne than the other recent incarnation of the role from Christian Bale, which fit director Zack Snyder‘s vision quite well.


It’s still possible however, that Affleck takes on the role in the possible Justice League sequel, but that is looking equally unlikely at this point thanks to its lacklustre box office performance.


Affleck will be fine, as he’s currently filming J.C. Chandor‘s Triple Frontier, will return for an Accountant sequel, has just boarded the sports drama The Has-Been, and is on board to direct and star in the adaptation of the Agatha Christie mystery, Witness For The Prosecution.


This move has been rumoured for quite a while so it doesn’t come as a total surprise. We’ll wait for confirmation regarding the news and whether Reeves’ script does indeed revolve around a younger Batman as THR reports. If that is indeed the case, the hype will ramp up regarding who will be the next actor to become the Dark Knight.



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