Ben Affleck’s Batman Rumoured To Be In Five Upcoming Movies | Film News


Rumours abound for the silverscreen future of the Caped Crusader, as Ben Affleck may be reprising his Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice role as ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’ in five upcoming sequels, including a standalone film and a Suicide Squad movie. According to Forbes magazine, Affleck may don the cowl for up to five upcoming features. Currently tentative rumours, he may be only be a small part of some movies, possibly featuring as in-film ‘camera footage’ or drop-in parts to tie together other DC characters that may help to complete the Justice League roster. If these rumours are true, it seems that Affleck’s ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’ is playing a role not dissimilar to the Robert Downey Jr. ‘Tony Stark/Iron Man’ that we are familiar with from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Popping up whenever and wherever they want, seems to be the choice inclusion of billionaire playboy/armoured hero types. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in UK cinemas on the 25th of March 2016.



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