Ben Grimm’s Non Speaking Role Fails To Impact In ‘Fantastic Four’ | Film News


After watching the newly released rebooted version of the Fantastic Four in cinemas last week, the one “thing” that stood out the most was the character of Ben Grimm and how he had very little dialogue throughout the film. The actor Jamie Bell was underworked and didn’t provide us the audience, with any significant contribution to the movie. In fact Ben Grimm was absent during the team bonding sessions that took place at the Baxter building and was unable to interact with any of the other characters until he was reintroduced back into the narrative half way through the film.


Even when Grimm was given the opportunity to engage with his fellow co-stars on screen, the contact was minimal, offering very little impact on the viewer and helps imply the notion that Ben Grimm is nothing but an emotionless individual who lacks the ability to express his true feelings in a sincere manner. Grimm is left being an enigma and difficult to interpret and understand in this film with only the basic elements of his personality being portrayed on screen, and the rest of him remaining a complete and utter mystery.



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