Benin City – Take Me There | Music Video


The London based electronic dance trio Benin City have just released the music video for their new single “Take Me There“, premiered via Dummy.


This track is the first after their last released album Fires in the Park in 2013. However, it is taken from their upcoming debut record for Moshi Moshi which will be an ode to London’s nightlife. The band don’t give us the full details for the release of this project, but what we know is that it will be unveiled next year probably during the spring season.


The music video features the three members of the brand, the two vocalists Joshua Idehen and Shanaz Dorsett with the multi-instrumentalist Tom Leaper, sitting in a club while they are singing the song with the lyrics below. The three are shown in the clip by themselves and alternated one to each other.


Speaking about the track the band said “We always felt the album should start with something about that giddy anticipation when walking into a club for the first time – that feeling as you walk through the double door and bass fills your knees and everything is potential and everyone is interesting and dry ice and strobes are in the air.


We had been working on this beat with our producer Marc Pell (Micachu and the Shapes) for a few weeks and still tinkering with the chorus section when I wrote a poem about my own experiences – most of my lyrics first come as either whole poems, couplets or as a chorus. We placed it on the beat and it was a perfect fit“.


Watch this music video below:




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