Benny Blanco + Halsey + Khalid – Eastside | Music Video


Benny Blanco, the producer behind the famous hits from your favourite pop stars, has decided to join forces with singers Khalid and Halsey for his brand new single “Eastside“.


The pop tune has all the right cards to steal the crown from “Closer” as the most played song of the summer. Two years later and The Chainsmokers‘ reign just won’t let up.


But “Eastside”, a more soft and melodic cut, could prove to be the right contender as best new summer discovery with cruising lines like “Drive down to the coast, jump in the seat/Just take my hand and come with me“. With Khalid and Halsey on board, Benny Blanco knows what’s up when it comes to deliver a bop for the summer.


The two singers cleverly duet in this sweet and nostalgic tale about growing up and first loves. Wrapped by some nice back vocals that compliment Khalid’s first verse, the song unfolds during the chorus, where a more decisive beat kicks in, giving the song more consistency and a full-fledged sound.


We have already talked plenty about Khalid unstoppable rise to stardom. The young singer has been appearing on every feature you can think of, from the Ty Dolla $ign & 6LACK collaboration to the Martin Garrix or Normani one, there is only way for Khalid, and that way is up.


Halsey, who is riding the headlines due to her break up with boyfriend and rapper G-Eazy (the only good thing out of that relationship was the jam “Him & I“) is always a good welcome, partly due to her raspy voice that bleeds intention and gives color to the track.


The video that accompanies the single is a cute visual into Benny Blanco and Halsey’s childhood, with the two mostly confessing about their first loves and showing pictures of the places where they grew up.


Watch the music video here:




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