Mac Miller – Self Care | Music Video


It really seems like they are sending messages to each other through their mutual passion, music, or it might be just a big coincidence. Only a few hours apart, ex-partners Ariana Grande and Mac Miller both dropped new singles, and we could even wonder about a secret message between their two titles.


God Is A Woman” is the latest hit by the little pink bomb Ariana Grande, now officially engaged to Pete Davidson, who has become her greatest supporter (on this occasion, he posted a picture of himself at the mirror wearing a t-shirt with the new song’s title).


In the meantime, Mac Miller released the video of his latest hit “Self Care“, a song that switches to a more sultry R&B groove and sounds like a hymn, a return to himself, provided by a strange, claustrophobic video where he is totally alone, trapped in a coffin. What is the meaning behind such a scary and unusual setup is left to the imagination of the audience, that now might have split in two different parties.


There is more content, by the way, and the American rapper has indeed confessed his purpose to pay a tribute to Tarantino‘s Kill Bill Volume 2, where the same situation is interpreted by a crazy Uma Thurman, who has to fight to go out of the coffin.


After 2016’s The Divine Feminine, SWIMMING will be his fifth album which should be arriving shortly, available from August 3.




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