Berlin Songstress Daada Unveils Sultry New Track ‘Lemon Drop Love’

Daada is a Berlin-based German-Colombian artist who grew up in East Africa. She penned her first song at the age of seven, singing along to her violin, then taught herself guitar a few years later.

Since then, she’s been honing her songwriting and poetic skills. She was influenced by a wide range of artists as a child, from Juanes and Shakira to Nelly Furtado and James Blunt. Daada is a Swahili word that means “sister.”

It’s the nickname her brother gave her growing up, and it perfectly encapsulates a lot of what she wants to communicate through her music. It depicts her music’s broad influences, both sonically and thematically (her songs incorporate a variety of ethnic influences).

She is fluent in four different labguages – English, Spanish, Swahili, and German – and sisterhood is also important to her, and it’s something she wants to transmit through her music, but not in the traditional sense, but rather in the sense of fostering female energy as well as communicating her feminism.

Daada made her professional debut in 2021 with “Amani”, an eclectic feel-good bop and love-letter to her youth in Tanzania, followed by “Mind Games,” a mesmerising Indie Pop track portraying a storey about mental health. “Lemon Drop Love” is the first single from a new project that promises more singles in the near future.

Listen to it here:


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