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Netflix has an almost overwhelming number of movies and TV shows to gorge yourself on, and if you are struggling to work out what to watch, you can narrow down your options by choosing a particular genre or theme.


If you play land-based and online casino games, there are plenty of films available to stream which reflect your pastime with thrilling stories and cool characters. Here are just some of the top casino capers to check out on Netflix tonight.


Card counting has been the subject of several movies, including Oscar-winning classics like Rain Man. But if you want to check out a film based on a true story involving MIT students working in teams to take casinos for millions of dollars with their mathematical skills, 21 is definitely worth adding to your list.


With a stellar cast that includes Laurence Fishburne, it has decent artistic chops to back up its otherwise light and breezily-told tale of eggheads trying to game the usually rigged casino system.


This cult classic from the late 1990s delves into the world of underground poker games in which huge figures of cash are wagered by people who can’t always afford to lose.


Matt Damon, Ed Norton, John Turturro and John Malkovich all share the spotlight in this gambling flick which did not make much of an impact at the box office when it released, but has since gone on to gain quite the following amongst casino fans.


Win It All
Jake Johnson is on great form in the well received story of Eddie, a compulsive gambler who is given a mysterious bag by an acquaintance who makes him promise not to take a peek inside. This acquaintance promptly disappears, leaving our hero with a dilemma that he simply cannot resist.


Events unfold chaotically as Eddie’s worse habits get the better of him. Thankfully the dramatic twists and turns do not get in the way of the more comedic moments, and Johnson’s natural charm helps endear us to a character that might have become tiresome in other hands.


Uncut Gems
While Uncut Gems is not technically a casino movie, there is no denying that the jewellry dealer played by Adam Sandler in it is one of the most prolific gamblers in the history of cinema. His obsession with making wagers is ultimately his undoing, and it makes for some truly nail-biting scenes that are more tense and terrifying than any so-called horror movie.


While he was overlooked for an Oscar, Sandler arguably puts in a career-best performance that became one of the most talked-about Netflix exclusives for some time.


Casino Tycoon
Anyone who is an acolyte of Hong Kong cinema will jump at the chance to see an Asian twist on a casino movie, and 1992’s Casino Tycoon offers exactly that. Starring stalwart of the scene Andy Lau, it blends action and drama alongside its period post-war setting.


Lau’s character follows a familiar trajectory, starting off as a directionless youth and getting mixed up in organized crime through the casinos of Macau. It is almost the eastern equivalent of Martin Scorsese’s Casino, which is unfortunately not on Netflix at the moment.


The House
Ever wondered what might happen if you turned your living room into a casino? That question is answered in hilarious fashion in this knock-about comedy starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, playing a couple who decide to go into the world of underground gambling to help pay for their daughter’s college tuition.


If you are in the mood for wackiness and one-liners from the best in the business, this is the place to get your kicks.


Picture Credit: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay



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