Best Male Profile Photos – And What To Avoid

There seems to be a huge disconnect between what men believe to be the ideal profile pic, and what is indeed ideal. Women aren’t fans of shirtless profile pictures, contrary to what we have been led to believe. It seems the shirtless look should be left for the beach. These bodies and the pictures therein should remain on your laptop or never be shared unless solicited.

Here’s the thing; these are not nudes, but they imply a lot that isn’t good. Men tend to believe that posting shirtless pictures of ripped abs increases their chances of securing companionship.

After all, if you spend countless hours, days, and weeks at the gym, why hide the results right? Incidentally, shirtless profile pictures reduce matches by almost twenty-five percent. So what is the ideal photo and why are shirtless profile pictures not necessarily your best bet?

Why is Shirtless Pics a No-no?

Women find shirtless photos immature, especially as profile pictures. If a lady solicited the photo it would be a slightly different story. For instance, having created your profile on Ukrainian Dating Site GoldenBride, the profile picture should be neat. Ladies need to find you intriguing.

Posting a shirtless photo leaves you looking immature. Essentially, you still believe that physical attributes overshadow everything else.

Additionally, men with such photos are likely to be gym freaks. It implies someone who spends extra and unnecessary hours at the gym. Anyone with that amount of time to spend at the gym has less time for any productivity.

This means they are likely to be jobless, at a dead-end job, still in college, or simply not that ambitious. As you can tell, shirtless pictures imply more than we think – negatively.

Lastly, and this could be both positive and negative, is the idea of hookups. Men posting such photos are considered only for hookups. That is not to say there are many.

Studies show that less than ten percent of women would even consider these guys for hookups. Thus, if you are hoping to begin a serious relationship, it is better to avoid posting shirtless pictures.

What To Focus On

  • It is highly recommended that guys post modest pictures.  Focus on photos that highlight other aspects of you. These might show you in a suit, perhaps casual clothing that moves the focus to facial features instead.
  • Sometimes, it is better to avoid photos completely. Some members post blurry photos to be accessed only if your account is verified. This means most members will be focusing on the textual aspects. They will read through your profile details and appreciate that more than visuals.
  • And thus, keeping your tops on accounts for upwards of twenty percent or more matches than going shirtless. These statistics might not be conclusive, but they shed light on something that might be debatable among men and women. Does showing more skin (for men) help them garner more likes? Not.

Bottom Line

As you prepare photos to post on profiles, keep things modest. The standard should be less is more. If you can avoid showing skin it would work to your advantage.

Alternatively, if you are only hoping to show abs and perhaps secure a hookup once in a blue moon, then shirtless pictures work fine. Keep that in mind when you detail your profile with preferences like seeking a serious lady for a long-term relationship.

Photo by Jeffrey Keenan on Unsplash


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