Best Street Style Looks At Paris Fashion Week 2024

As the curtains closed on Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the real runway extended beyond the fashion show, offering a captivating display of street style.

In the chilly streets of Paris, people embraced long coats to protect themselves from the cold. One man opted for a warm brown leather coat paired with a black bowler hat, giving an old-fashioned, yet incredibly stylish look.

The model, Soo Joo Park also opted for a structured overcoat with gold accents. But her entire outfit made heads turn, with her outfit reminiscent of the iconic Blair Waldorf. At the Schiaparelli show, she was wearing a thick black headband with giant earrings, the most beautiful strapless corset I’ve ever seen, a long black skirt, and a divinely structured handbag.

Yeehaw! Cowboys also paraded the streets of Paris this year! The new Louis Vuitton creative director, Pharrell Williams stayed true to his last show featuring dark denim, a striped shirt, brown boots, and a blue-detailed sheepskin jacket. On top of that, the Wild West outfit was accessorized with orange glasses, jewelry, a neckerchief, and – of course -, a cowboy hat.

Another interesting outfit was this woman wearing a bold red jumper with lines recovering a fringed black skirt, all complete with ski goggles – who said winter was a fashion stop?

A unanimous decision echoed through the streets of Paris – monochromic looks with bold colors. Red is sure on trend, with a particular man showcasing variations of the same colour in a long coat, a jumper, baggy trousers, and a hat, topped off with burgundy glasses and orange shoes. A well-executed look paying tribute to Men’s Fashion Week.

While some opted for red, others turned to green! The streets of Paris witnessed a man walking in an apple green suit with a matching bag and purple 3D-printed footwear by BOTTER.

The color stayed very popular, but this time in more olive tones. A woman was seen wearing a long coat covering a shirt, trousers, and an overskirt, with a bag slung over the shoulder. All that in warm green-ish tons, tuning perfectly with her black hair.

A monochrome suit is always a safe bet, and this has been proven once again.
Featuring a grey-checked ensemble, it’s all a matter of shape! One of the men wore it but with a structured cross-over blazer and a flair-shaped trouser, creating an elegant whole.

Black is back! This selection couldn’t go without a full black outfit. Which one man perfectly illustrated with a pair of flair trousers covered by a pleated overskirt, a bomber, matching glasses, and a leather tote bag to accessorise the look.

Finally, because old is new again, some were wearing retro-casual looks that still offered bold and interesting choices.

Pairing straight green trousers with a black jumper topped with a blue and green sleeveless V-neck cardigan to match the bottom of the look, some of them gave handsome history teacher vibes!

Others have half-covered their old-school beige trench coat with a yellow jumper giving an interesting twist to their look. Combining them with futuristic yellow glasses and a colorful babushka scarf covering a cap, this look was a beautiful mix of old and new.

Once again, Fashion Week was an occasion for people to express their style and creativity demonstrating that the street is no match for the big parades.

Take a look at those looks yourself!


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