‘Big Bang Theory’ Prequel ‘Young Sheldon’ Series Ordered | TV News


Please, did you really think CBS was going to let their most popular show die gracefully? After nearly ten seasons of the mega hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, the network had ordered a prequel series to be commissioned. Titled Young Sheldon, the show will revolve around the childhood of Sheldon Cooper.


Originally envisioned as a Malcolm In The Middle type show, the series will now be a single camera comedy following Sheldon at age nine living with his family in East Texas. Jim Parsons is already signed on to narrate the show, with Iain Armitage as the title character and, surprisingly, Jon Favreau set to direct the first episode.


Did the world need a Big Bang Theory prequel, you ask? Do any prequels need to exist? Although the show has pretty much worn out its welcome to anyone who’s not a superfan by now, the saving grace is that at least the prequel will differ from the original show somewhat, with its single camera set up and totally different setting, so who knows, maybe it has a chance to be the next Frasier instead of the next Joey.


No word on when the show will premiere nor how many episodes there will be, but expect it to be a success and also expect us to be talking about it a decade from now.



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