Bishat Empowers And Inspires On New Single ‘Supersonic P*$$y’

Bishat, the Swedish/Ethiopian artist known for her unique blend of pop and R&B, has just released her new single “Supersonic P*$$y.”

“Supersonic P*$$y” is an anthem of female empowerment. Bishat says, “I want everyone who hears the song to feel like empowered goddesses.” The track encourages listeners to embrace their sensuality without fear or shame. Bishat believes everyone deserves to feel like their “P*$$y is supersonic,” whatever that means to them.

The idea for the song came after Bishat gave birth to her first child last summer. She recalls, “When I gave birth to my daughter, ‘P*$$y Fairy’ by Jhené Aiko was playing in the background. It was so fitting.” This experience inspired her in the studio, leading to the creation of “Supersonic P*$$y.” Bishat felt strong and unstoppable, saying, “I felt like no one can say shit to me ever again. I’m a force of nature!

Last year was significant for Bishat. Her song “I Can’t Get Enough,” performed by Cazzi Opeia, reached the finals of Melodifestivalen, a major Swedish television show. The song became a radio hit and went platinum. Additionally, Bishat was nominated for the Denniz Pop Awards. Her single “MANNERS” caught the attention of radio host Ebro Darden, who praised it on his Apple Music 1 show.

Bishat’s debut EP, WHO HURT YOU?, was also released last year to critical acclaim. She created the EP with producer Rikard de Bruin, known for his work with Tove Styrke and Paul Rey. The EP reflects Bishat’s journey of no longer taking responsibility for others’ feelings and finding a way forward, even when it hurts.

Bishat describes the EP as a public service announcement that we’re done with people who take more than they give. She says, “This EP is my journey to stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks.” Bishat aims to get rid of everyone who doesn’t deserve your time and invest in the love that grows freely in vulnerability and honesty.

With another EP set to release soon, Bishat is ready to share her powerful message with the world. Her music, recognized by Complex, BBC, and Clash Magazine, showcases her talent and determination as an artist. Bishat’s new release “Supersonic P*$$y” is a bold statement of strength and self-love, inspiring everyone to feel like a force of nature.

Listen to “Supersonic P*$$y” below!


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