JAN3T Releases Sensual New Single ‘Meantime’

Multi-instrumentalist JAN3T, who skillfully blends alt R&B and neo soul, has released a captivating new single titled “Meantime“.

“Meantime” is a musical flirtation between alt R&B and neo soul. This first track from JAN3T’s upcoming EP holy, set to release on July 12th, delves into themes of existence after a breakup, a relationship, or even the collapse of an entire civilization.

The track’s sensual vibes are highlighted by a delicate use of instruments, creating an intimate and emotional atmosphere. JAN3T summarizes the essence of this song by saying, “The vibes are vibing”.

JAN3T is a complex and nuanced artist, difficult to categorize in a single genre. Neither edgy enough for the rock crowd, nor smooth enough for the R&B enthusiasts, he navigates between styles with ease. Beyond music, he is also a practicing therapist, a facet of his life that undoubtedly enriches his compositions.

His diverse background and personal experiences deeply influence JAN3T’s music. As a half-Asian artist, he brings a unique perspective to his work, blending cultural elements that enrich his sound. From playing the recorder as his first instrument to mastering multiple instruments, his journey demonstrates dedication and passion for music. This versatility sets him apart and allows him to create a rich, layered musical experience for his listeners.

In addition to the imminent release of his EP holy JAN3T has shared personal anecdotes, such as nearly being banned from field trips due to his tendency to get lost. Of Asian descent and the same height as Josh Hommes, he stands out with his quirky and charming personality.

JAN3T’s new single “Meantime” showcases his artistic vision, inviting listeners to delve into deep emotions and the aftermath of profound experiences. Don’t miss this unique auditory journey.

Listen to “Meantime” below!


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