Boniface – Dear Megan | Music Video


Standing out from a crowd of easy-ready pop deliveries, Boniface is the new clean-cut, youthful boy that is taking Winnipeg, Canada, by storm with his laid back and natural talent.


Building up an impressive resume, Micca Vissar, in art Boniface, has wowed everyone with his debut single “I Will Not Return As A Tourist” last year and now, after gearing up to open for Let’s Eat Grandma on their North America tour, the Canadian has unveiled a new single “Dear Megan“.


The song is accompanied by some retro visuals filmed on a VHS, something Micca admits to be obsessed with. Starting off with a heavy guitar base, “Dear Megan” has everything we love about Boniface.


An exquisite taste for deep-cut lyrics that are never trivial nor cheesy, Micca Vissar is definitely one to watch, as he manages to offer both musical quality as well as poetic lyrical content in his songs.


Looking back at that time when “we spent the summer drinking in an empty apartment“, Boniface’s words are as relatable as they can be to the most of us who have spent restless nights during our wandering years.


To keep company to this up-beat, electro-pop track, Micca has enlisted his brother, and band member, Joseph Visser, to put together a 80s’ video footage of Micca’s singing, that compliment the old school vibe of the song.


Watch the video here:




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