Vampire Diaries Spin-off ‘Legacies’ Unveils New Supernatural Storyline | TV Trailer


San Diego Comic Con is one of the most anticipated event for cinema and TV series’ lovers, and this year the four days mecca for anything sci-fi and more has delivered yet another jam.


The first trailer for Legacies, the new spinoff from The Originals and the Vampire Diaries, the fortunate series recounting the story of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, adapted by showrunner Julie Plec has been finally released and it promises a brand new story arch.


Picking up from where The Originals left, Legacies focuses on Hope Mikaelson, Hayley and Klaus’ daughter, as she navigates her life at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Serving as bridge between the different storylines is fan favourite Matt Davis‘ Alaric in the role of the headmaster of the school.


The trailer for Legacies retains the same formula already seen in the Vampire Diaries and The Originals, especially because Plec is still helming and supervising the project. Several actors will reprise their roles in the spinoff, giving fans something to hold onto while at the same time exploring a different narrative that will make up for a new, compelling story.


Legacies, scheduled to premiere on The CW on October, 23, will potentially be next season’s teen favourite new show with a genre that keeps getting more and more popular. Drawing from a rich material and sources, the show, which looks more like X-Men than its siblings’ TV shows, seems to mix everything that people loved from the Vampire Diaries while adding up a new and more fresh take on the story.


Check out the trailer below:



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