Brad Peyton To Direct Adaptation Of ‘The Epoch Index’ | Film News


Fox has acquired the rights to the novella The Epoch Index by Christian Cantrell, reportedly beating out five other studios. Brad Peyton (San Andreas, Rampage) has quickly been attached to direct the project, with Justin Rhodes, writer of the upcoming Terminator reboot, set to pen the screenplay. Matt Reeves (War For The Planet Of The Apes) will produce.


That’s an impressive creative team for an adaptation of a story that is only 36 pages long, but clearly it had plenty of studios seeing it as interesting and profitable. The novella follows a CIA analyst who is tasked with tracking down a flashy assassin whose targets are ostensibly random.


Going by only a series of numbered tags left on each victim, protagonist Quinn Marshall soon discovers the targets are being sent to the assassin from the future – by her.


It’s easy to see the potential big Hollywood studios saw in this project, which has a Looper vibe to it. The film will re-team Fox with Reeves, who found them success with his new Planet Of The Apes franchise. It’ll be interesting to see how the short story is expanded into a full feature, and how Peyton, who has mostly dealt in big budget action films, adapts to this sci-fi tale.



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