‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 8 Reunion Part 1 Is Here | TV News


Reality TV is continuing to evolve and although it is seen as ‘trash TV’ to some, we cannot help ourselves because it is just too entertaining. Love & Hip Hop New York is still going strong, with VH1 having released the first part to the 8th season’s reunion.


The cast really came to slay. My favourite look at the reunion would have to be Dream Doll, where she served Marilyn Monroe in a classy pantsuit, blonde wig and popping red lip. Some of the cast took a page out of Safaree’s book and hooked themselves up with some fabulous fur but who rocked the fur the best?


Quick question for the ladies. Do you still look at Safaree the same? It was only the other day that his nudes were floating all over the Twitter timeline. If you were Juju, would you be up for some Safaree loving?


Just like they stated in their ‘Black Love’ track together, Remy Ma & Papoose continue to show us the meaning of black love on the show. Papoose also gives his fellow cast members the advice to not let outsiders control their home. ‘That’s your husband that’s your wife that’s where it stops at’. I guess we will have to wait until the next season to see if the cast takes this advice on board.



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