Bridget Christie Discusses ‘Funny Feminism’ And FGM With The Observer | Interviews


Bridget Christie, winner of the 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Award is interviewed by Alex Clark of The Observer as they talk about the success of her latest show: An Ungrateful Woman, which has already sold out. They also discuss her previous work Bic for Her. The highlighted context of the interview is the subject concerning complex natures of an audience, regarding its generational opinions of feminism, and how she fends off the critics and justifies her own comedic voice as a cause for awareness. Inserted with the interview, is Christie’s talk about FGM (female genital mutilation) with Leyla Hussein, it’s seriously funny. Read the full interview with The Observer here, and read some good bits below.


When you started discussing feminism, you did attract criticism, didn’t you? How did that feel?


It is upsetting to be attacked for something that’s really important to you by people who believe the same things as you but think that you’re doing it the wrong way, or that comedy is not the right platform to be talking about something like this. Well, I’m sorry, but I’m a comedian. I’m not an academic. I didn’t do feminist theory at college. I can’t talk about it in any other way than this way. Coming through all that just makes you want to do it even more.




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